I consider myself fortunate to have found Lori’s little Treasures Child Development Center very close to my workplace for our 5 month old daughter in 2014. I knew this was the kind of care I was looking for as soon as we had the first meeting with the owner of the center. People are happy, cheerful and very welcoming at this place. They have an open door policy which means you can stop by and check on your child if you wish to any time of the day. They are also very mindful of what you desire your child to eat within meal plans and will accommodate special requests. This is the only daycare in the 5 mile radius that I know of that has a flexible vacation policy, where parents do not pay for vacation time taken as long as there is a 2 week notice. The center is kept extremely clean and tidy. You will find people either vacuuming or wiping all times of the day.They follow a creative curriculum and over the last 1.5 years I have found my daughter develop language, social and literacy skills that I have not taught at home which means she has learnt it from her teachers. I would deem this place equivalent any preschool in the area with the benefit of additional care when parents are at work. They regularly conduct classroom projects and include all aspects of learning such as sensory, reading, writing, arts, music etc. As a previous reviewer mentioned, there are no hidden charges/fees and the owner is always happy to answer any questions. My daughter looks forward to playing with her friends here everyday. Very well run daycare.