Cassie Oetjen

When my middle child was 2-3 years old, my husband and I started looking for daycares for our daughter.  We all hear horror stories of how children are being cared for at public daycares/childcares.  This was our first time experiencing daycare since our oldest child was cared by family and friends.  We toured Little Treasure first and we immediately fell in love.  The facility was clean, organized and friendly.

Our daughter loves going there. She has made friends and she gets to play and learn.  She is 4 years old now, and she has learned a lot (counting, ABC’s, colors, songs, writing, manners, etc.)  To this day, she loves going to “school” (Little Treasures).  The staff has helped us raise our daughter since she was 2-3 years old, since she is there 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  This helps us to continue raising her at evenings/nights and weekends.
Then I got pregnant in 2017, and the staff was ecstatic for another baby to care for.  This had made me feel like we made the right choice.  When my son was 6-7 weeks old, I dropped him off at Little Treasures.  I thought I would be an emotional wreck leaving him there; but, I knew that he would be okay — yes, some tears were shed — but, I felt at peace knowing that he would be okay.  Again, the amazing staff has helped us raise this sweet boy and watched him hitting his milestones.  He enjoys being dropped off with the staff and being with other babies his age.
I receive pictures from the staff of my two kids and beautiful artwork occasionally, which lights my day up.  They care for my kids like they are theirs.
“It takes a village to raise a child” is the motto that I tell myself many times and I do feel Little Treasures (the staff) is part of my village raising my children.

Mandy Brewner

My son was 6 weeks old when I returned back to work. I had to place him in child care and was referred to Little Treasures by a friend. I am forever grateful to everyone in this facility and it’s sister facility nearby. All of the teachers and staff are friendly, personable, and above all NURTURING! I have peace of mind knowing my beautiful baby boy has been in great hands. Not to mention, has learned many new skills that he would have missed out on if I were a SAHM. I love this facility. I love these people.


I worked here for over two years before moving states. My daughter attended too and always loved going. No daycare compares. I come back while my husband is gone for the military just for this daycare center. Lori, Libbie and Jessica are amazing! ❤❤❤


I consider myself fortunate to have found Lori’s little Treasures Child Development Center very close to my workplace for our 5 month old daughter in 2014. I knew this was the kind of care I was looking for as soon as we had the first meeting with the owner of the center. People are happy, cheerful and very welcoming at this place. They have an open door policy which means you can stop by and check on your child if you wish to any time of the day. They are also very mindful of what you desire your child to eat within meal plans and will accommodate special requests. This is the only daycare in the 5 mile radius that I know of that has a flexible vacation policy, where parents do not pay for vacation time taken as long as there is a 2 week notice. The center is kept extremely clean and tidy. You will find people either vacuuming or wiping all times of the day.They follow a creative curriculum and over the last 1.5 years I have found my daughter develop language, social and literacy skills that I have not taught at home which means she has learnt it from her teachers. I would deem this place equivalent any preschool in the area with the benefit of additional care when parents are at work. They regularly conduct classroom projects and include all aspects of learning such as sensory, reading, writing, arts, music etc. As a previous reviewer mentioned, there are no hidden charges/fees and the owner is always happy to answer any questions. My daughter looks forward to playing with her friends here everyday. Very well run daycare.


Having been too and enrolled at a couple of the other daycare’s in the area, hands down, Lori and her crew at Little Treasures is the best around. Your child is not a number here, but a little person with a name that means something to the personnel. They are all very accommodating, and will work with you to the best of their ability. Don’t enroll your little one anywhere else before checking with Little Treasures first!


We love and appreciate having a place like Little Treasures for our little one! As new, working parents, we were instantly comfortable with the clean environment and loving, helpful staff as soon as we walked through the door. We are always greeted with a smile, and by name by all of the staff. Lori and Libbie are amazing ladies to work with, and are always helpful with any/all questions we might have. This childcare came highly recommended to us, and we will always give the highest recommendation to anyone and everyone now that we are enrolled! Thank you, Little Treasures and staff for all that you do!

Nicole Groves

My daughter attends Little Treasures 2, and I could not ask for a better group of ladies to love on my baby each day. Every staff member knows her by name and greets us as we walk in each morning! The staff are so vigilant and caring; they take care of her like she is one of their own children. I even get pictures of my baby sent to me on the daily basis! This center has surpassed my expectations for a childcare center in every way imaginable!


Lori and her team at Little Treasures are always very pleasant, greeting you with a smile and hugs for the kids, making it obvious everyone there enjoys what they do daily. Both of our kids have truly enjoyed going here. This is a fun, happy, enjoyable, loving environment for kids. We are grateful Little Treasures is in Carterville. Thank you Little Treasures, for allowing our kids to have a safe yet super fun place to stay while we are at work! Low rates and no surprise fees, we highly recommend Little Treasures above all others in the area.


We like our child attending Little Treasures. He really enjoys his time there. He is happy at drop off and happy at pickup. He has really blossomed while there.


I absolutely love this daycare….. my child has ADHD as well as OCD with the occasional behavior issues as well. The owner lori & her staff & teachers have gone above & beyond to be patient & to help me work with my son and finding ways to keep him calm & focused. They do an amazing job with him. I feel my 5 yr old son is in the best hands possible. I have never felt as much love at a daycare as I do here. The owner Ms. Lori and my sons teacher, whom is totally amazing , have gone out of their way to call or text me at night time & on the weekends when my son has had a rough day just to check on him. I HIGHLY recommend this daycare facility. They have worked wonders for my son .

Stephanie Chaney

I will never be able to say enough good things about Little Treasures (both locations). They have played a major role in who my children have become and I am very thankful for that. They are very hands on and love my kids so much and have always worked with me and my husbands crazy schedules. They really care and I never have to worry when my children are there. Thanks guys.

Jessica Reichert

I have had my son enrolled since he was 15 months old, he is now almost 6 and attends after school. My almost 3 year old has been in their program since he was 7 weeks old. I couldn’t have picked a better daycare to trust with the loves of my life. Thank you Lori and Libbie for your continued love and care for my babies! I can never thank either of you enough.

Sarah Springs Grossman

I absolutely love this daycare. It feels like an extension of home and I can call the owner/director Lori directly anytime I need to do that. Everyone knows my child and can tell me what his day has been like. Unlike other care facilities in the area, it’s a flat rate with no extra “fees”. You won’t be sorry choosing this place for your child’s care.

Allyssa Part

Little Treasures is amazing. We have been part of their family for 6 wonderful years.  We signed our son up shortly after they opened and have been there since.  We trust Lori and her team with our whole lives. Now our 6 year old attends after school and our 3 year old cant wait for mom to go to work so she can go see her favorite people.  Little Treasures is by far the best decision we have made for our littles.


Lori and her staff are beyond accommodating! I was extremely nervous as a new mom placing my child in childcare but they put my mind at ease. My son loves it there! I love that the staff goes out of their way for parent/teacher communication. Also, the playground equipment is pretty amazing!

Danielle Chambers

They offer a really convenient part time option that is handy for students and other parents with tricky work schedules. The staff are so sweet and take pride in how well they know my son. They are so flexible in terms of working with parents and meeting the needs of each child. Very very highly recommended!