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What to Expect:

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Welcome To Little Treasures Child Development Center!

We are pleased that you have chosen Little Treasures Child Development Center to partner with you in supporting your child’s early learning and education..  We are pleased to provide your child a high quality early childhood educational experience in a caring, nurturing environment.

We encourage you to visit your child and observe in the classroom.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or share ideas with us!  We want your child to have fun, learn, and to be as healthy and happy as possible.  The more parents and staff work together, the better your child’s experience will be.

About Us

The Center is licensed by the IL department of Children and Family services, Bi County Health Department, IL State Board of Education, IL State Fire Marshall, and the IL State Plumbing Inspector.  Our DCFS license is posted on the Parent Information Board located in front of the office.

Hours of Operation

The Center is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Center is closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  Please know we will assess a fee of $1 per minute if your child is picked up after 6:00p.m.

Severe Weather and Emergency Closings 

The Center strives to remain open regardless of weather.  If there is a severe storm that affects the staff’s ability to make it safely to work, the Center may open late or close for the day.  School closings and late starts will be left on the voice mail of the Center’s phone 618-944-3210.  It will also be announced on WSIL TV3.

The Center regularly conducts fire and tornado drills.  The record of these drills is posted on the parent communication board located by the sign in/out area in front of the office.  If you are at the Center during a drill, or during an emergency, you are expected to participate and follow staff instructions.  The Center has agreements with nearby businesses to provide shelter for the children and staff in the event we would need to evacuate our building for a long period.  On rare occasions, the Center may need to close early. (Examples include but are not limited to a water main break, utility problems, or severe weather.)  In this situation parents will be called to pick up their children within one hour.  It is important that you always provide the Center with updated emergency phone numbers so that you can be reached.

Program Description

We strongly believe in partnering with parents to ensure we are all serving the best interest of your child.  The program’s purpose is to encourage and support each child in growing to his or her full potential in all areas of development.  Our program currently serves children 6 wks to 12 years old.  We use a “hands on” experimental approach so that children can construct knowledge for themselves with our guidance.  We use the Creative Curriculum as our guide for classroom planning.  We respect that children develop at their own pace therefore we emphasize individualized learning.  We focus on all areas of development emphasizing on early literacy and social emotional skills.  With our well educated team members guidance children learn, not only to identify but, to manage a wide range of emotions.  We provide daily, weekly, and monthly assessments on each child in our program.  Our teachers goal is to ensure each child is given a respectful, safe, clean, and inviting environment.  Our staff includes many individuals that have obtained college degrees or completed coursework in education and early childhood development.  Each team member is also required to obtain a background check and maintain continuing education as required by the State of IL.

Your Child’s Room

Each child has their own individual assigned cubby for coats and other personal belongings.  Each child will also have their own mailbox where information on your child’s day, permission slips, upcoming events, artwork, new letters, and other daily information.  Please check these daily.  Our daily schedule, lesson plan, menus, and monthly calendars are posted in each classroom as well.  Each classroom is set up to provide learning centers that include writing, dramatic play, sensory, science, manipulative, blocks and construction, reading, writing, art, and music.

The Daily Schedule  

A general classroom schedule is posted and followed in each classroom.  This schedule is designed by each teacher to include indoor and outdoor activities, group activities, and independent choice times.  In our infant/toddler classroom our teachers work closely with our parents to follow eating and sleeping schedules appropriate for each child.  Parents, upon arrival, must first sign their child in at the front desk.  If your child has any medication that needs to be administered by us it will need to be signed in as well. Please note that a Dr. Note is required to be on file with us prior to administering any and all medication.  After signing your child in you are required to take your child to their classroom.  No child may ever be left unattended.  Upon arrival each child is required to wash their hands. Each teacher will look over the child for any bumps, bruises, etc.  If your child has a known mark please inform the teacher as to what happened.  Each team is a mandated reporter and are required to document all bumps, bruises, etc. on each child.  Breakfast is served between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.  (Our children attending school will be served prior to getting on the bus.)  PLEASE DO NOT BRING IN ANY OUTSIDE FOOD) If your child is still eating upon arrival please sit in the car with them until they are finished.  We have children with allergies.  Some of these allergies are deadly upon touch.  All children are given the opportunity to nap after lunch.  We offer each child a nap or rest period of 2 hours.  This excludes infant ages as they will nap on their own patterns.  If after 30 minutes a child is still awake we will offer a quiet activity.  Snack is served after all children are awake, used the toilet, and washed hands.  Children will play outside everyday except in extreme weather conditions.  We will monitor the temperature, heat index, and wind chill. We are required by Licensing to take children out daily.  Please provide appropriate clothing for the season.  Example hat, gloves, coat, etc.  Foot wear should consist of socks and only tennis shoes.  Parents of infants/toddlers will receive a daily sheet providing information about your child’s day. WE PRAY EVERYDAY BEFORE WE EAT!  WE ALSO SAY THE PLEDGE EVERYDAY!

What to Bring

Please label all belongings with your child’s name.  If your child wears diapers or pull ups, you must supply them along with wipes.  We will charge $1 per diaper.  Our team members will send a note when your supplies are running low.  We are required to use wipes with every diaper change.  Please supply your child with a complete change of clothes and if potty training 3 sets of clothes per day.  We will keep these clothes in your child’s cubby.  Please rotate clothes to ensure they are appropriate for the weather.  We do keep some clothes here

However, we can not guarantee having clothes that will fit your child.  In the summer please apply sunscreen on your child prior to arriving at the Center.  Teachers will apply sunscreen prior to outside play.  Children may bring comfort items for naptime.  Infants may not have anything in the crib.  We will provide all cot sheets and crib sheets and will wash them twice a week and as needed.

What To Leave at Home

Please do not bring toys from home other than those used for naptime or comfort items for very young children.  If your child brings a toy, the teachers may ask you to take it with you when you leave or place it in the child’s cubby.  This can make saying goodbye more difficult for your child.  Some classrooms have a “show and share” day.  You will receive a note from the teacher prior to this day.


Bi County Health Department requires that all items be made in a commercial bakery or be individually wrapped.  Homemade items are not permitted.  Each classroom develops their own birthday traditions so that all children have similar experiences here at the Center.  Please do not bring in an entire party with balloons, decorations, etc.  It is acceptable to bring in invitations and we will file them in the mailboxes to be sent home for each child in the class.  Otherwise, we request you contact parents outside of the Center.


Your child will be photographed and possibly videotaped. We use videotaping and photos to promote the Center and for other purposes such as to document your child’s development, record enjoyable activities, and to help children learn to tell stories about their activities with the pictures as their guide. The pictures can be displayed in the classroom, on bulletin boards, photo albums, etc.

Moving to a New Classroom

When it is close to time for a child to move up to the next classroom we will communicate that information with you. We want to work with you and your child to make it a smooth transition. The child will visit the classroom frequently prior to moving up. Each parent will have the opportunity to meet the new teacher and discuss any concerns and ask any questions.

Individual Plans and inclusion

Little Treasures Child Development Center welcomes children of all abilities. If your child has an IEP, we require a copy of the more current IEP, and any updates to the plan. We make every effort to accommodate children with special needs in our program. We will work closely with parents so the children with special needs can fully be included in classroom activities and field trips.

Behavior Management

Our teacher will communicate with parents about successes and challenges that the child is having in getting along with others. Our goal is to problem solve with parents. If your child is experiencing behavioral issues at home, please talk to us so we can all be consistent in how the behavior is addressed.  If parents do not participate actively in problem solving, the child will be removed from the program.  If the child’s behavior threatens his safety or that of other children or team members we will call you to have the child picked up within 1 hour.  A conference will be required for the child to return to the Center.  Termination from the program will be considered only after all reasonable resources have been exhausted.  We will refer the family to the local CCR&R to connect the family to a setting that will better meet the child’s needs.

Illness Policies

Children in child care are exposed to many other children.  We follow strict hand washing and cleaning standards to help reduce the spread of illness.  We check each child’s health throughout the day.  This includes checking temperatures or checking for rashes if your child appears to be sick.  Children will be sent home if more than one loose stool or diarrhea, vomiting more than one time, making croupy or whooping sounds when coughing, red, irritated eyes with discharge, open sores, patches of skin that look like they might be infected, fever over 101 degrees, severe itching of the body or scalp and unusual spots or rashes.  The Center is a lice and nit free facility.  If a child exhibits any of these symptoms or any other health related symptom that might indicate the presence of a contagious illness, we may require a Dr. note to return and 24 hours symptom free.   You must pick up your child within one hour if he or she is sick.  If your child has had surgery or other medical care, we will require a note from the doctor stating that the child may participate in group child care.  A physical Form from your family Dr. is required annually for your child’s file.  Please help us maintain compliance with the DCFS regulations.  The attached physical form should include any allergies your child may have as well as updated immunizations.


All meals are prepared here at the Center by a food certified cook.  We participate in the IL State Food Program and follow the recommended guidelines provided.  Children age 2 and up are offered skim milk, water, and or juice with all meals.  Children ages 1-2 are offered whole milk.  Infants are fed soy or milk based formula.  If a special diet is required the Center requires this in writing.  We will make every effort to accommodate any special food needs.  We encourage mothers to breast feed as this is best for baby.  Please label all breast milk with your child’s name and date.  Only provide us enough breast milk for a couple of days at most.  We do not want to keep your breast milk here over the weekend.  If there were a power outage or the fridge goes out there would be no one here to save the milk.  Any food, pacifiers, and bottles you provide need to be labeled with your child’s name.

Accidents and Injuries

All team members are certified in CPR First Aid.  If your child should be involved in an accident at the Center, the staff will administer appropriate first aid.  If the situation is life threatening, we will call 911 and the child will be taken to Heartland Regional Medical Center.  A team member will accompany the child to the hospital and parents will be notified immediately.  If the Center Director thinks that a child should be checked by a doctor, parents will be called.  We will discuss the situation with the parent so that we can mutually decide whether or not the child should be picked up.  You will also be called if your child is bitten and it breaks the skin, your child falls from a piece of playground equipment, your child hits or cuts his/her head, or if the child seems unusually upset or concerned about something.  All known injuries will be documented and parents will receive a copy of the injury report.  These injury reports will require team member, parent, and director signature.

Who Can Drop Off and Pick up My Child

Only those listed on your emergency pick up form will be allowed to pick up.  Anyone can drop off your child.  Please inform anyone picking up to provide us with a photo id.  Children will not be released if no photo id is available.  Once we get to know you we will not ask for id.  Please keep in mind that a new staff member who has not met you may ask to see your id.  This is not to insult or inconvenience you however to keep your child safe.  Even if the child appears to know the person picking up we will not release the child and a phone call will be made to the parent.  It is helpful to notify your child’s teacher when someone else will be picking up even if it is just for that day.  Please keep an updated emergency list on file.  Children will not be released to persons under the age of 16.  I the authorized person picking up your child appears to be intoxicated we will not release your child.  If this happens we will call the parent for direction.  Any child custody agreements or restraining orders will be followed by the Center and a copy must be provided to the Center.

Tuition and Vacation Policy

Weekly fees are charged regardless of actual attendance.  We encourage families to adhere to a set schedule that allows your child to benefit from the full program at the Center.  If your child is going to be absent due to sickness or other reasons, please contact the office to let us know.  Children with excessive absences may be asked to leave the program so that space is available for children in need of regular childcare services.  With a two week written notice tuition can be waived.  I only check tuition in the tuition box on Fridays.  Keep this in mind when planning time off.  Tuition is due of Friday for the following week.  If no payment was made and prior arrangements were not made with Lori then you will be called to pick up your child until payment is received.  There will be a $10 per week late charge for all late payments.  The Center charges a once a month room fee of $5 per child to help off set the expense of supplies.  This fee is assessed on the first Friday of the month.    If the Center provides transportation from school there is a $5 per week charge per child.  The Center accepts cash, money orders, and checks.  Your account will be charged $45 if your check is returned for nonsufficient funds (bounced check). In the event a check was returned you will need to pay the amount of the check and the return check fee in cash or money order prior to your child being able to return to the Center.  I recognize that financial difficulties happen.  It is important to communicate with Lori so we can work together and develop a payment plan if needed.  If a payment plan is signed and on file and not followed your child will be excluded from the program.  Anytime a child is not permitted to return to the Center, weekly late fees will still be charged until the balance is paid in full.  Those participating in the State CCR program are to pay their assigned copay on the first day of each month.    After 30 days of past due tuition your account will be turned over to collections.

Weapons and Threats

No guns or other weapons may be brought into the Center, even if the owner has a “right to carry” permit.  The police will be called in any person brings a weapon (gun, knife, etc.) into the building.  Any adult who threatens a member of the staff, a child, or another parent on site will be reported to the police.  Additionally, that family, member and their children may be excluded from the Center.  Parents and staff are expected to speak to each other with respect.  Inappropriate language, such as, profanity and racial slurs will not be tolerated and WILL result in your child being excluded from the program.  Please work with us to model appropriate problem solving skills for the children.

Pest Control

We use Enviro-Tech for pest control.  They come here on the 3rd Saturday of each month to spray for unwanted pests.


We have 24/7 recording video surveillance in each room.