Mandy Brewner

My son was 6 weeks old when I returned back to work. I had to place him in child care and was referred to Little Treasures by a friend. I am forever grateful to everyone in this facility and it’s […]

Nicole Groves

My daughter attends Little Treasures 2, and I could not ask for a better group of ladies to love on my baby each day. Every staff member knows her by name and greets us as we walk in each morning! […]

Allyssa Part

Little Treasures is amazing. We have been part of their family for 6 wonderful years.  We signed our son up shortly after they opened and have been there since.  We trust Lori and her team with our whole lives. Now […]

Jessica Reichert

I have had my son enrolled since he was 15 months old, he is now almost 6 and attends after school. My almost 3 year old has been in their program since he was 7 weeks old. I couldn’t have […]

Cassie Oetjen

When my middle child was 2-3 years old, my husband and I started looking for daycares for our daughter.  We all hear horror stories of how children are being cared for at public daycares/childcares.  This was our first time experiencing […]

Sarah Springs Grossman

I absolutely love this daycare. It feels like an extension of home and I can call the owner/director Lori directly anytime I need to do that. Everyone knows my child and can tell me what his day has been like. […]

Stephanie Chaney

I will never be able to say enough good things about Little Treasures (both locations). They have played a major role in who my children have become and I am very thankful for that. They are very hands on and […]

Danielle Chambers

They offer a really convenient part time option that is handy for students and other parents with tricky work schedules. The staff are so sweet and take pride in how well they know my son. They are so flexible in […]